Training leaders of
our generation


“Given the time and place of women in our society –there is no better time to place big bets on women like Julia”
~Courtney Klein, Co-Founder & CEO, SEED SPOT


Trainings provide tools, insight and evidence-based practices

Doctor of psychology and behavior scientist, Dr. Julia Garcia, is breaking down barriers for leaders to navigate and advocate for mental health

Why our generation wants to be seen, heard and connected.
The difference between a speech and a space.
Navigating internal and industry obstacles and opportunities.
Taking your message and transforming it into art
Principles in designing your own experience exchange.
Why we need you as a Speaking Artist
Youth + Educators & Staff

Why A Speaking ARTIST?

Art transforms culture:
From movies, to music and a book you can’t put down, we
have all experienced art shift the spaces we are in.

As communicators, we also share this power.
How and if we will invest in mastering it, is up to us.

In a world where communication is key,
which kind will you create?