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A Growing Social Health Crisis

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These are a few questions that you can ask yourself or the group you are a part of in order to establish why “social health” should be on your radar.

The term isn’t as popular as mental health or physical health, but it is equally important because we live in a world with other people. This means that every interaction socially, be it in-person or online, has health implications for the individual and group as a whole.

Let’s take social media for example.

Have you ever been scrollin’ through your Twitter feed and felt like it was a pool of cruel jokes, hateful language and unattractive GIF’s of famous people in attempt to be funny (at the expense of others)? Or perhaps, you have read the comment threads of a political post and thought to yourself are there any kind people left in the world?

Let’s take the environment in your classroom or at work for example next. Have you ever felt that no-matter how hard you worked or how considerate you were of those around you, the environment was just not conducive for your voice to be heard or taken seriously.

These are examples of a poor level of social health.

Interaction and interpersonal relationships are at the core of achieving tier levels of social health and when they are being limited or not equally valued, the entire community suffers. Ultimately, it becomes an unhealthy place/space to be.


This is especially critical in our digital era where much of our time is spent behind a screen. Spending hours on a device can increase our risk as a society to be able to achieve basic human connections such as communicating our feelings effectively, improving empathy for others, listening (not just hearing) world-views outside of our own and ultimately, feeling more and more alone (even when we are constantly surrounded).

Research suggests that 20% of kids cyberbullied think about suicide, and 1 in 10 attempt it. This is not only concerning to parents but clearly demonstrates that as a society we are on our way towards a global health crisis.

Ultimately as social beings we must be mindful of the importance of healthy interactions, meaningful relationships and safe environments to achieve both. Whether you are measuring the health of the relationship you have with your partner, parents, peers or friends-

Social health is at the center of them all.

So start getting familiar with the term social health, your community will thank you later for it,


**To learn more about my mission to bring social health to social media visit, KYA. I’m working on a mobile app community to empower young girls who are experiencing issues around mental health and who are in socially challenging environments in schools or online.

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