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Why I Can’t Wait to go to Prison

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There aren’t many platforms for someone who wants to share an idea that is bigger than a TED talk. As someone who has had their fair share of good, great (and I guess a handful or two of not so successful ideas), I am def one of them!

I’ve been touring on the speaker circuit & sharing my story for nearly 10 years now and I think a part of me never even wanted to think about if I was qualified to do a TED Talk because I didn’t want it to become a bench mark for my ’success.’

But now the opportunity has circled it’s way to me after hundreds of cities and almost a quarter million people I have worked with later and it just feels right.

This TED Talk won’t be in a stadium with fancy lights though, or even on an ivy league campus like Stanford. It will be in a women’s’ prison (the one I drive by every day) where both outside speakers and select women serving sentences will share their ideas, powerful stories of transformation, and even more, will lift the curtain on the raw human condition.

For me, it’s one of those rare places that can take me back to that end of the rope kind of defeat I know all too well. It represents the power and exposed beauty behind the not-so-pretty transformation process, and I am beyond honored to be involved.

And yes, I am aware there may be a lot of skeptics about this kind of opportunity. For some, prison is deemed a last stop before the drugs take their life or a well deserved punishment they had coming all along. Many may see it as that second chance they needed to change their ways or the refuge they couldn’t find at home. While others see it is as the place justice is served for what people did or even the results of an unjust and broken system.

But for those who use it as a blank page to rewrite their stories it becomes an opportunity for grace, redemption, and hope to fill the air with such a thick musk that not even bars can keep it out of their lungs. Every breath becomes a chance to write another page and the more the hope is stored within, the more it changes you.

For me, this TED Talk is an opportunity for my passion and desire to ignite the kind of fire inside of my own heart that I know I won’t be able to water-down with my own cowardly attempts to silence my voice in shame or fear. This time, I get to lay everything I’ve seen, heard, and experienced firsthand on the frontline of what I deem one of the greatest battlefields of hope and despair that we humans face.

So when I think about the privilege of being on one of the most respected and elevated platforms in any industry (especially mine), I can’t help but feel more connected to where it is and the company I’ll be in, above all else.

Because somehow, the most perceived to be, broken stories and the darkest places, are always where I seem to find the most light.

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